Prodigy Complete IT Solutions

WhyProdigy Complete IT Solutions?

Evolving with Technology

Proudly serving organizations across the Tampa Bay area since 2007, Prodigy Complete IT Solutions leverages over 25 years’ IT experience to bring our clients best-in-class solutions and peerless support.

We possess extensive multi-sector experience, supporting small to mid-size businesses, educational establishments, and non-profits. We therefore understand the importance of designing solutions which accommodate the quirks and regulatory constraints faced by each individual organization we serve.

An IT partner with your interests at heart

We pride ourselves on technical excellence delivered with a warm, friendly human touch. So why not reach out, and we’ll help your organisation grow and prosper with transformative technology.

Proactive vs. Reactive

Having a Proactive IT Support provider makes all the difference to the safe, productive and functional use of technology within your business. But, it’s not uncommon for most IT providers out there to still only react when something goes wrong – by that time, it’s too late!




Book your free technology review

For an indepedent and impartial review of your technology, combined with our expert opinion on how IT can better support the growth and evolution of your business; enquire to schedule your free technology review.

Our Guiding Principles

We put your interests ahead of our own. We do the right thing by our client, always!
Some IT providers look for every opportunity to make themselves a quick buck, we’re different. We won’t suggest dramatic infrastructure changes if all you need is a little help getting the most out of your current setup. We build trust-based relationships, and we’ll treat your business as though we have a stake in it.


Our mission is to provide innovative IT management and support. Our team is focused on quick, honest and creative solutions for all your business needs. We keep you educated on technology trends to ensure your success.


At Prodigy Complete IT Solutions, our vision is to be a partner in your success. We are dedicated to listening to your needs that will help your continued success by educating and effectively communicating to you the best technology practices to ensure your goals are being met. In our partnership, we will strive to make your business run as seamlessly as possible and work beside to ensure your business evolves along with the speed of technology keeping you and your business on line & current with demanding technological changes.

Giving Back

We recognize that knowledge in technology will be a fundamental requirement for the future. We are so grateful to be able to ensure that students, local and worldwide, are equipped with opportunities to learn and grow despite hardships. Prodigy Complete IT Solutions enthusiastically participates in local fundraising to help ensure quality technology and education is available to students and teachers. Additionally, we partner with our schools and churches to provide technology services for partner locations in Haiti.

Looking for proactive, flexible and reliable IT Support?


Fairness, friendliness, openness and always delivering for people-first, ahead of technology.


The integrity to always do the right thing, setting promises and expectations we know we’ll keep.


Consultative, mindful, educators – looking for the best fit solution for unique requirements.


Taking responsibility and ownership for everything we provide and support.